Two categories of videos are featured at Undisciplined Ciudad—Expressionist Documentaries and Light/Form Experiments. A brief artist statement regarding each category is published below.

Expressionist Documentary:

These videos attempt to create portraits that give equal weight to the individuals featured therein and the locations in which the action takes place. They are best described as a portraits of experience. During an experience, or while perceiving a memory of a specific experience, actions happen sequentially, but not necessarily. Events become jumbled even as they occur. One can only focus on certain sounds at certain moments and the concurrent auditory stimuli frequently fades into the background. In order to replicate this phenomena, the sound of the film is edited such that only certain parts of dialogue can be heard. The audio clips are chosen from integral and inconsequential remarks alike in an attempt to highlight our inability to selectively filter different stimuli that contribute to our memories of certain experiences.

Light/Form Experiments:

These videos are experiments in light manipulation.  The goal is to utilize light as a material that interacts with film in a way that is unique to this specific medium. By using three basic elements: the subject of light, the camera as a recording device (stationary for duration of shot), and audio accompaniment these videos create an experience that can’t be replicated in other visual mediums.

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